"Finally, a super fund that rewards women and supports our goals."

Why FairVine Super?

There are many causes behind the super gap. As women, we are paid less, spend longer out of the workforce, and are penalised for the types of work we do.

Nevertheless, one thing is clear: we want to change that.

So, we created FairVine – a super company designed for Australian women.

We built a super fund that provides real, accessible solutions. Tools to help grow your super, and benefits to protect it. Simple.

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So, how is FairVine different?


A shopping portal that allows you to earn cashback into your super when you shop with major brands


An automated saving tool that rounds up your bank transactions to the nearest dollar, and contributes into your super


An automated saving tool that allows you to make regular extra contributions or any deposit extra windfalls into your super

No Charges

0% fees for balances under $5,000

No fees for separation splitting

No fees for splitting balances during separation

Free Tickets

Free Tickets to a range of FairVine Events


All investment options are ethical by default

Great, but how can that help me?

What difference can $5 make?
Contributing only $5 a day from the age of 30 can give you an extra $104,606 in retirement.*  Retirement may not be on your radar now, but it could make all the difference!

Keep in mind, FairVine's philosophy is no-hassle. That's why we created tools like RoundUps - so you can watch your balance grow without thinking about it.

All our extra-saving tools are completely optional. There is no obligation to save any extra! At FairVine, your money is in safe hands - check out our team below.

Who is behind FairVine?

Sangeeta Venkatesan

Executive Chair

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Sangeeta is the Executive Chair of FairVine.  Previously she was the first CEO of an Australian broking company.  Sangeeta has also held very senior positions at CBA, Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs and is currently a Board Member of Women In Banking and Finance.

Andrew Barry

Executive DIRECTOR

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Andrew has a deep knowledge of the key drivers of wealth creation.  He was previously the CEO of Alpha Beta Capital, an investment management company, and prior to that has held senior roles in a number of hedge fund and private equity  funds globally.

Rachel Hamlen


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Rachel is in charge of our Member’s experience.   Rachel has had extensive experience in fast paced, highly regulated, customer-centric industries, and brings this experience to bear in designing and delivering the FairVine member offering. Previously at Air New Zealand and Virgin Australia, where she managed and mentored teams of 1000+ customer-facing people

Janette Ho

non-Executive DIRECTOR

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Janette is a non-executive Director of FairVine.  Janette is currently the Managing Director and Head of Business Development for State Street Global Exchange in the Asia Pacific region. Before joining Global Exchange, Janette was the head of State Street’s Analytics Consulting business in Asia Pacific and previously, she headed Thomson Reuters’ investment management sales team in Asia Pacific.

Kate McFadyen

non-Executive DIRECTOR

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Kate is a non-executive Director of FairVine. Kate is currently a Director Research and Development and Emerging Markets at leading nutritional company BioCeuticals (the practitioner arm of Blackmores) Previously Kate worked at a corporate wellness company, BeLife.

Chang Liu

head of technology

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Chang is our “brain on legs”.  Chang has 2 PhD’s in Computer Science, specialising in cryptography. He has more than five years’ experience in designing and implementing secure algorithms, protocols, and systems, and is using this expertise to create the secure systems that underpin the FairVine offering.  Previously Chang worked at Alpha Beta developing complex systems.

Jenneth Orantia

head of communications

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Jenneth brings 20 years of experience in communications across journalism, public relations and content marketing. She has specialist expertise in consumer technology, financial services, and professional services, and has worked with many of the leading consumer tech and fin-tech startups in Australia, as well as larger organisations such as EY, Rest Super, Panasonic and Sony.

Bea Brabante

Creative content Producer

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Bea is our in-house creative producer, responsible for creating all kinds of content for the FairVine brand. As a graduate of UNSW with a Bachelor of Media Arts, her expertise is in making inspiring videos, creating engaging animations and designing captivating graphics.

Alice Kim


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Alice is responsible for the smooth running of FairVine. Her Bachelor of International Studies has equipped her, as the operations lead, to keep our diverse and busy team on task. Alice is also responsible for keeping us stocked with delicious imported biscuits.

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Anything else to tell me?

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